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We have placed important documents related to the Early Years sector as well as a collection of documents and resources created by Ideas Connect in one easy to access location.

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Visit the ECE Professional Resource Centre for meaningful continuous professional learning opportunities in the Waterloo Region.


Annotated Bibliographies

Click below to see the work that we have done in the following areas in the Early Years Field:

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CECE Code of Ethics

Child Care & Early Years Act

Early Learning for Every Child Today

Early Years Study 3

Excerpts from Early Learning for Every Child Today

The Kindergarten Program 2016

How Does Learning Happen?

Infant Care Profile

Occupational Standards for ECE's

School Age Profile

Think, Act, Feel

Community Resources

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Current Trends

$1.00 Wage Increase Fact Sheet

Document Dengagement Collectif Sur Le Bien-être

 Promoting Well-Being in Ontario schools

Promouvoir le bien-être dans le système déducation 

Well-being engagement paper

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Important Documents

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Waterloo Region's HDLH Journey 

Here is what the Waterloo Region's How Does Learning Happen Journey has happened over the years. 

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